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SQLite Navigator

Presenting SQLite Navigator - an Integrated Development Environment that reinvents how you manage your SQLite databases.


Screenshot of SQLite Navigator
SQLite Navigator

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A screenshot of the SQLite Navigator IDE.

SQLite Navigator

Presenting SQLite Navigator - the ultimate SQLite Integrated Development Environment that reinvents your SQLite database management experience.

Moving tables between different databases? No longer an uphill task. SQLite Navigator makes it easy, swift, and error-free copy/paste.

Windows Store ($4.99)
Version 2023.7.23.1
A screenshot of the Lua Automation IDE.
Macro Recorder / Lua IDE

Lua Automation IDE

Lua Automation IDE is a development environment built to be able to record, code and run macros. Extensions to the Lua language have been added to allow for ease in creating automation programs.

Windows Store ($4.99)
Version 2022.12.6.1
A screenshot of the Local Group Manager for Windows.
Windows Utility

Local Group Manager

Local Groups Manager for Windows is a tool designed to bridge the gap in the functionality provided by various versions of the Windows operating system, especially those editions like the home version where certain group editing capabilities have been intentionally disabled.

This utility empowers users with the ability to create, edit, and manage local security groups seamlessly, circumventing limitations and offering a more comprehensive approach to system security.

Windows Store ($2.99)
Version 2023.9.10.1
A screenshot of Audio Extractor for Windows.
Windows Utility

Audio Extractor

Audio Extractor enables you to extract audio as a wav or mp3 file from many popular video formats (including formats such as .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi plus more).

Windows Store ($3.99)
Version 2023.10.21.1
A screenshot of MP3 Merger for Windows.
Windows Utility

MP3 Merger

MP3 Merger allows you to merge multiple MP3 files into a single MP3.

Windows Store ($2.99)
Version 2023.10.22.1
Avalon Mud Client Logo
Text Gaming

Avalon Mud Client

An open source Windows MUD (Multi-User-Dungeon) client written in C#/WPF for .NET 7.

Icon Converter Logo
Windows Utility

Icon Converter

Allows conversion of PNG, JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP and WMF files into ICO format preserving the original file's color depth. Support for batch converting more than one icon at a time.

Windows Store ($1.99)
Version 2023.11.13.1
Clone Seeker Logo
Windows Utility

Clone Seeker

Find, analyze and manage duplicate files on your file system or network resource. Supports exporting duplicate index data to Excel and CSV formats.

Windows Store ($2.99)
Version 2023.12.2.1
MySQL to SQLite Wizard Logo
Database Productivity

MySQL to SQLite Wizard

A wizard utility that handles all the steps of converting a MySQL database into a SQLite database, including schema creation and data transfer.

Windows Store ($3.99)
Version 2023.12.26.1
QR Code Wizard Logo
Windows Utility

QR Code Wizard

Creation of QR Codes via a Wizard interface. Supported types of QR codes are Bookmark, Calendar Event, Contact Date, Generic Text, URL, Email, Geolocation, Phone Number, SMS (Text Message) and WiFi Network Credentials.

Windows Store ($1.99)
Version 2023.12.29.1
File Lock Finder Logo Logo
Windows Utility

File Lock Finder Wizard

File Lock Finder helps to identify any processes that are locking a specified file. This wizard is a handy tool for any developer or sysadmin to have in their kit.

Windows Store ($2.99)
Version 2024.1.3.1